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The way we watch movies has changed. Go back about forty years and there'd be only one place you could watch a movie when it first came out – at the movie theatre. If you had the patience, you could wait until a movie became available to watch via your local television station, but sometimes the movie could be three years old before you'd be able to watch it for free, and who wants to wait that long?

The advent of video was the first major change when it came to watching movies at home. The rise of VHS and Betamax video recorders and players really took hold once the machines came down to affordable levels. Movie companies began to release films on video cassette and made them available for purchase, or for rental from the number of video rental stores that suddenly sprang up. The trend continued for some time, and accelerated as new, higher-definition formats came out – firstly DVDs, and then blu-rays (we won't mention laserdiscs!).

Things stayed this way for a good couple of decades or so, until the internet began to take over
our computers, and for the first time film-lovers were able to view full movies online. Initially, this
was done in a dubious fashion, with pirates converting DVDs into files that could be downloaded from the internet if you knew where to look. This became known as peer-to-peer sharing, or p2p, and remains illegal when it comes to copyrighted material.

Eventually, the movie companies caught up with sites where you could watch full movies online,
and court orders were issued that blocked such sites from the internet, or even closed them down completely. With the p2p network now being considered much less of a threat, a handful of legitimate sites have sprung up where you can pay a monthly subscription and watch full movies online as much as you wanted, or pay bonus fees to watch so-called “premium” content.

One such site is known as Movies Capital, and is a place you can watch full movies online without having to worry about illegal downloading, or paying a monthly subscription. At Movies Capital you can pay a one-off bargain fee of $39.95 and have unlimited access to all the movies that the site offers for one entire year! You can watch full movies online to your heart's content!

If you don't want to commit to a full year, there are monthly plans that cover either one month or three months of unlimited movie content. Of course, at the bargain price of less than $3.50 a month you wouldn't expect the very latest Hollywood Blockbusters (you'll need to go to other more expensive sites for those) but there are enough full movies online at Movies Capital to keep even the most demanding movie buff happy.

If you want to watch full movies online without having to worry about illegal activity, or having to pay premium prices, then why not swing by Movies Capital and see what the latest releases the site has for you to watch and enjoy.

Again and Again: Mission Impossible for a new movie!

If you still love Tom Cruise you most likely would love to seeing him again back in action, with the new Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol, now in theaters. The movie has received great reviews and is considered to be one of the most exciting movies of this winter. Watch the trailer, it's truly amazing and it will definitely send you to the theatres!



Biggest Casino Movies: Casino Royale

There have been many movies that have featured casinos, some great ones and some not so great ones. It is not difficult to see why many film directors are attracted to the casino theme; the bright lights, the glamour, the action, the characters; the high rollers, they don’t really need to add much else in order to create a nearly perfect backdrop. The biggest grossing casino movie of all time is the 2006 version of the James Bond film Casino Royale in which Daniel Craig plays the early James Bond on his first mission as Special Agent 007.

Essentially it involves the villainous Le Chiffre who is a terrorist financier. Bond discovers that he will be playing in a high roller poker game in an attempt to win back money that he lost when a terrorist attack was foiled by Bond. Bond’s mission is to bankrupt Le Chiffre, though before he does so there are a number of obstacles to overcome including poisoning, defibrillation, and rather disturbing pokers tell in which Le Chiffre appears to cry tears of blood. Following Bond’s win with a perfect poker hand, he is captured and rather nastily tortured by Le Chiffre, and further twists follow.

Although a great film, there were significant variations from the original Ian Fleming novel which was published in 1953. One important difference is that in the movie the game that was played at Casino Royal was poker, while in the novel it was high stakes baccarat. The probable reason was that in the world of the online casino poker has become a very popular game. The original Casino Royale was released in 1967 in which David Niven plays James Bond. Unfortunately it was rather a failure and was branded as chaotic by various critics.


The Official Trailer: The Dark Knight Rises

Check out the trailer for the new movie: "The Dark Knight Rises". The film will be reliesed on July 20th, 2012 and directed by Christopher Nolan


X Man new film: The Beginning

The begining of the X Man saga - how it all began. Some cast memebers: James McAvoy, Michael Fassbender, January Jones, Zoe Kravitz, Jennifer Lawrence, Kevin Bacon and more.


An Inside Look - Movie Trailer - In The Middle Of Nowhere

One of the greatest movies I've seen lately, Susan Sarandon participates in this movie, when she in a movie I am never disappointed.

There have been many great movies over the years, including 21 which is about the famous MIT team.


Tron: Legacy – An Evolution of Virtual Reality

When Walt Disney Pictures released their futuristic sci-fi hit Tron in 1982, the entire world was on its feet, stewing with theories and overcome with curiosity due to this new visual style which gave moviegoers and inside look at hypothetical computer graphics in a world of virtual reality.

More than just the stunning visual effects at the time, Tron also made people wonder – will the machines we’re building eventually rise? Well, they didn’t rise up and hold us hostage, of course. But movies like Tron did inspire a generation to take computer technology to a new level.

We’re seeing the results today, and the upcoming release of Tron: Legacy is sure to be another Disney cult classic, but they hit the right spot - bingo and we got a great movie!

In the original movie, the hacker Kevin Flynn, played by Jeff Bridges, was lost in the virtual world after battling the self-sustaining consciousness that was the machine. In the sequel, Flynn’s son Sam, played by Garrett Helund, is a new-age, tech-savvy 27-year-old looking to get to the bottom of his father’s disappearance.

The movie presented some high sci-fi events that took place and changed the way we view our movies. The effects really came hard on the viewers, to a point where they hit the exact soft point - bingo! The impact was so strong on the viewers that even professional poker players started to loose focus, hands and money even on the best poker site online. So strong, they made another movie just describing the effect.


“Bingo! The Documentary” Looks at Players Behind the Game

When I sat down to watch my very first movie dedicated to the game that has become such a strong part of British, American and Canadian culture, I had no idea what I was in for. If you're used to the History Channel type documentaries you may be expecting a low key experience from “Bingo! The Documentary”, but that is not what director John Jeffcoat had in mind. In fact, the exclamation point in the title is a good indication of the way this documentary approaches the world of bingo sites.

You'll meet players from all around the globe who are wild about bingo - to varying degrees. Some are absolutely obsessive players and for others, it's merely another social experience. I was somewhat surprised to see that the movie did not go into the recent explosion of college age girls who have made the sport something of a national past time in the UK, but given its 1999 release, the trend had not yet hit critical mass at the time it was shot. Still, there's a great deal in the film that resonates today.
Obviously, one of the shortcomings of the film is that it does not mention online bingo, the latest way to play. If had sponsored this film it surely would have had a lot more glitz and glamour than what we see here, but the passion is admirable just the same. It would have been fun to watch the online players in their natural environment as they won money and shouted, especially considering the fact that 888bingo has the biggest jackpots out there. I suppose that'd be a different movie experience altogether though.

All in all, “Bingo! The Documentary” is a fun look into the bingo world, it’s not like any bingo movies you will ever see, I highly recommend.

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Movie Trailer - Sex Drive - You have to see it

Although I prefer horror movies over comedy my husband Igal started to watch it and said "You have to see this" and although comedy is not my main choice, this is one of the funniest movies ever made, I usually don't like comedy because the funny is mixed with stupid or stupid romance but this video is the funny-clever kind and I ended up sitting more than 2 hours laughing, take a look:


Watch the Trailer from Popular Movie "Rounders" from 1998


The 1998 movie Rounders featuring Matt Damon, Edward Norton and John Malkovich amongst others created a boom in the game of Poker worldwide. In particular the popular Texas Hold em variant of the game grew immensely due to the success of the movie.


A movie for dessert - The Eye

Another brilliant Japanese Horror movie that is very worth watching, later came out an American version that you shouldn't bother to watch), watch the origtinal:



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An introduction to Japanese Horror Movies

This is one of my favorite movie category : Japanese Horror movies, although this video wasn't made by me, it can give you an introduction to Japanese Horror movies so it's a start.

Before you click to watch this video I have to warn you that you will end up sleeping with the lights on for a day or two or for weeks, months and years - this message is for the adults among you.



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