A Review On The “Pitch Perfect” Film

If you are one of those many individuals who love Glee (a television show following the lives of several high school students who are part of a glee club), then, you will surely love Pitch Perfect. The story of the film revolves around an all-female a cappella group, the Barden Bellas, and the things that they have to go through in order to win the ICCA’s or the International Championship of Collegiate A Cappella. The lead actress is played by Anna Kendrick, an outsider who really does not want to go to college but who wants to go to LA to become a DJ.

Once you get deeper into the story, Pitch Perfect will surely not disappoint you. The scriptwriter Kay Cannon surely did a good script with regards to the flow of the scenes. The cast also includes young talented actors and actresses who can actually become big stars in their own right.

With the likes of Clueless and Mean Girls, Pitch Perfect will surely tickle your funny bone even if the story only has a limited appeal. You can expect great lines from Fat Amy, the Australian actress Rebel Wilson’s character, such as calling her teammates as twig bitches just because they are thin. There are also lines from Anna Camp’s character, Aubrey, such as “My dad always says if you’re not here to win, get the hell out of Kuwait.” It does not really make any sense at all but because of that, it is actually hilarious.

Beca (Anna Kendrick) does not want to attend her college classes. Aside from the fact that she wears heavy eyeliner, she wants to work at a campus radio station as well as love to create mash ups of songs. However, with the persistence of the Bellas’ co-captain Chloe played by Brittany Snow as well as the ultimatum given by her father (who was a professor in the same Barden University), she became a member of the group.

Tensions arise when Aubrey, the co-captain of the Bellas who is ruling with an iron fist, want to remain traditional with their songs while Beca wants to shake everything up a bit. Other recruits, through a montage of different people singing Since You’ve Been Gone by Kelly Clarkson, were also not really at par with the standards that Aubrey wants on how the group should look.

Aside from Beca constantly clashing with Aubrey, she also has to deal with outside conflicts, such as her dad pressuring her, her roommate Jinhee who does not really talk to her that much, and most importantly, the flirtation going on between her and Jessie, played by Skylar Astin. Jessie is a member of the Treblemakers, a rival all-male a capella group headed by Bumper, played by Adam DeVine. John Michael Higgins and Elizabeth Banks are also included in the cast, who act as commentators for the competition.

Pitch Perfect also features popular hit songs such as No Diggity and Let’s Talk About Sex which are actually sung in an improv riff off happening in an empty pool. The finals also include awesome mashups. (Shh! No Spoilers!). The musical numbers are amazing and the whole crew takes them seriously. With this first feature film directed by Jason Moore, you will not just get invested in the story, you will also find yourself singing along with the songs. In fact this movie will probably entice you to take up online singing lessons, or at least you will be investing in a karaoke machine for your next party!