Star Wars Trailers And Thoughts

Here is a few trailers of the up and coming star wars movie ‘The Force Awakens’. A brief description of what to expect; it basically kicks of where part 6 (return of the jedi) left off. Some people are saying this movie is racist towards whites, which is kind of ridiculous considering you have han … [Read more…]

Best Comedies Of 2013

If you’re looking for free movies to download, and you like nothing more than to settle down with a film where you are guaranteed laughs, then here especially for you is a quick list of the films that were considered the best comedies of 2013. We’ll start our list of the the best comedies of … [Read more…]

The Best Films of 2013

Everyone has their own opinions about what were the best films of 2013, but if you’re looking to watch free movies online now, here are some of the very best pictures that were released in 2013 that you should look out for. The Oscar for best picture went to the harrowing 12 Years a Slave, … [Read more…]

Today You Can Watch Movies Online Anytime Anywhere

The way we watch movies has changed. Go back about forty years and there’d be only one place you could watch a movie when it first came out – at the movie theatre. If you had the patience, you could wait until a movie became available to watch via your local television station, but sometimes … [Read more…]