Spl2 A Time For Consequences

If there is one thing that Asia does well it is martial arts flicks, spl 2 is a perfect testament to this. Starring Wu Jing and the legendary Tony Jaa. A brief synopsis of the plot; An undercover cop infiltrates an organ smuggling gang but gets in too deep and ends up getting thrown in a jail when he crosses a prison guard with a sick daughter.

Things get deep when it is revealed that the prison is tied in with the whole black market organ smuggling organization. The unlikely duo team up to take down the criminal mastermind who is trying to steal organs from his brother!?

A series of awesome fight scenes take place when Wu Jing and Tony Jaa mow through the bad guys henchmen and when I say awesome what I mean is epic! You only need to check out some of the top rated Tony Jaa Movies to know what I am talking about and Wu Jing happens to be quite skill full when it comes to demonstrating his martial arts talents.

Honorable mentions going out to the bad guys that face off against our two heroes. All in all it is a pretty decent movie for any martial arts fanatic. Good story line with dazzling fight scenes, although if I could make a bit of a criticism I would argue that there could have been more and longer fight scenes. The were expertly choreographed (that is where the Asians excel) how ever with two sensational stars in one movie, there really needed to be more.

If you are in the mood for a heart racing Kung Fu adventure then look no further than SPL 2 a time for consequences!