TV Or Projector: Which Is Better?

Many homeowners love to watch films and shows. In most cases, they do so with their families as it is one way of family bonding. These homeowners also want to get the best viewing experience that they can possibly get. They consider the screen size as well as the image quality when making a choice. This is the reason why most of them are typically torn between buying a TV or a projector for their home theater. The ideas below can help you to find out which one should you be getting for your own home theater system.

You will have to first take a look at the benefits of televisions nowadays. With televisions, you will have an easy time to install it. You do not need a complex set of instructions nor even a professional installer just to set the TV up. You can decide which room you want to have the television set up, unlike with a projector which needs to be set up in a dark room. In addition, it is also easier to turn a television on than a projector. It will only take you a few seconds to plug it into an electric source and press the power button.

LED HDTV’s are known for their lower energy consumption. As a result, they are far more cheaper and more affordable when it comes to cost compared to projectors. As for the sizes of their screens, many TV manufacturers strive hard to make the screens larger, with some screens already reaching about 105 inches. They also strive hard to improve the image quality of these televisions and their high-resolution formats. Moreover, curved screens are also available for purchase. A curved screen avoids reflection, means a better viewing experience on the part of the viewer.

On the other hand, the benefits of projectors are also numerous. Their sizes are typically the main benefit that you can take advantage of. The eyes also experience less fatigue when watching from projectors since it reflects light off the white or gray screen rather than directly. Another thing that throws of people from purchasing projectors is in regards to gaming but don’t worry because you nowadays you can even purchase projectors just for gaming.

The installation of a projector still remains quite challenging. You will have to install it on a high area, connect it to a video source, then, run cables from your video player to the project. There are also several factors that you need to consider when choosing the specific projector that you will buy and where you need to place it.

Such factors include projection angle, seating, room dimensions, and screen size. This way, you will get optimal viewing experience. Although it is possible to just project to a blank wall, you can only achieve maximum image quality if the screen and projection is made and optimized.

These are the things that you can get out of comparing a TV and a projector. Most experts, though, will choose a projector over TV at any time when watching films, provided that you have the right amount of space for it. Otherwise, a TV’s only advantage is its capability to produce images even when the room is bright.

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